The Thieving Hand

by The Thieving Hand

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Cassandra Lynn Barrett
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Cassandra Lynn Barrett It's just beautiful. So emotional and well written. And these guys live is honestly even better. Favorite track: New Divisions.
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released August 9, 2014



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The Thieving Hand West Palm Beach, Florida

Experimental indie rock from South Florida.

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Track Name: Washed Out
I saw all of our love trying to wash away but I can see the doubt in your eyes where before all I saw was our love taking on the chance to survive. I was only hoping for another chance to see you smile again to hide the pain. Each day is what you make of it but where should we even start, we're running out of time we're fighting for a life that we can't bear to lose. You say it's not my fault then who? I can't explain why I'll stay in this place, where I can't find a way back up from this cycle of giving up. But please take my hand and blame everything on me. Take my hand and blame me. I swear it's just the beginning of events that you placed in my head. It's something that I can't explain if you only knew what it was like to live in my head maybe you'd feel the same way in the end. If were both breathing in the space between the notes I'll try to hold my breathe for you to understand, I need to find a way to never let these days bring me down again. If we just let these days get the best of me I'll never make it. I'll try and save a space for have to find a way to make this day worth while.
Track Name: Separating Soil From the Sky
How do I spread my wings and fly
away? I can feel it puncturing my skin. Could you define this? Who should I confide in? I can't do this on my own you were always by me. You turned these scars into my life lessons. Tell me that there's another way. Tell me things will be ok. I just want to run, but I want to fade away with you. As the night came in, I told myself it was always meant to be this way it will never change even if I ran away as fast as I can. I'll stand here by your side and I'll keep my head up high but tell me theres another way to save you from this pain. I just wanted to fly away as the world caved in. I never wanted this day but I patiently waited for this day. I thought it would never end. I want to find a way to save you from this day but I can't even find myself. I lost all my innocence as the wind pulled on my skin. I never wanted this memory of you leaving me. I patiently waited for this day. I thought it would never end. I had nothing but dead roads. I found myself alone as my heart turned into stone.
Track Name: A World Alone
Can you hear our days get louder with the rain? The rain that poured for days and never went away
I waited for the sun to shine, if I closed my eyes will the time fly on by(fly on by). I can feel the sky drip from your eyes as the memories shattered with our love. I saw the pictures that you painted with your words, You said you loved me but you made me walk the world alone. I felt nothing as your voice repeated "I think maybe it's the end, Our love will never come again. Our hearts have landed in a land where there are no second chances for our love" you said these broken trees inside your head were the things that want me dead (Please help me find a way to end these broken days) Please stay and help me find a way to end this pain.
If we let our hearts get in the way, then there's no way to escape this place. I can finally say that this is the day where I'll get my head running again. The words that you said I'll never forget I'll lay in this grave you made with my name. This is the place where I will stay every day til i just rot away. And I won't make this mistake again. The mistake of wearing your heart on your sleeve is something so fragile like the way you look at me. The weight of my heart is holding me down but I won't forget that this is the end of every thing that I loved. I just waited for the time to finally end what we have always loved. If you closed both your eyes will you feel me by your side? Or will you feel the same emptiness I felt every day. I never felt so alone, the ticks of the clock burned a hole straight through my chest and my bones. I can't hold this pain anymore. It's going straight through my bones. I can't find a way to stop this pain from eating me.
Track Name: Love Again
As I stood there watching the clouds start to form a different pattern, a different world approached. I tried and I tried and I tried to comprehend these voices in my head. If only you could take back your past then I would be able to sleep once again, if only I could love you again. But I'll just wait for the next set of clouds to take me away through these hollow days. I'll drift away with the air if you let me go I'll understand. I needed every piece of my mind to set me free. I could hear the devils words play as I looked at her. I'm biting down on my teeth, I wish I never felt this way. My day turned from the brightest day to my darkest memories. If I could make these memories just fade away and end with me, I think I'll finally be at peace instead I'll slowly drown myself in the sea that's separating you and me. I'll only think about what we could be. I could have left and never came back but I just held on to the devils back. If I could make these memories just fade away and end with me, I think I'll finally be at peace instead I'll slowly drown myself in the sea. If only you could take back your past then I would be able to sleep once again. If only I could love you again.
Track Name: New Divisions
We turned the page and marked the date that played with our hearts. A steady pace will never change the end of every beat we hit. We start from the start and end in the dark, I'm lost with no heart & hope for a spark to see again. We're giving up on yesterday but lets just start this day today the way it was meant to be. I'm waiting for the world to see our life to expand into something worth watching and if we poured out our hearts why are we holding back from this? Let's give our hearts another chance to breathe once again and if we fall we'll get back up and do it all again. But lets hold on to this rope around your heart, we're waiting for a second chance to breathe. I'm standing still and waiting for another chance to take a step into this world that we created in our minds to only see and if our hands begin to bleed I'll always know that you're right beside of me. A new direction, a new start, a new day for you and me. Its a new day for you and me.